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Arizona Outdoor Journal is a dba for Education Is Our Future, Inc. an Arizona Corporation.

Mission Statement

Education Is Our Future, Inc. is committed to formal education, training and "lessons-learned" through experience for both high school and college students. The organization, through its many programs, provides work opportunities and scholarships to students ages 16-25. Staff professionals have dedicated their lives to helping participating students become successful, productive citizens by utilizing a Stay In School approach as they are mentored through real-time, on-the-job work experiences. As Work Force Development techniques are implemented participating students are challenged up to, and slightly beyond, their potential thus developing them academically, culturally and socially.

                                     Implementation Approach

The prototype program is implemented through the publication Arizona Outdoor Journal; however, the methodology of the organization can be applied to any business or professional organization. Education Is Our Future, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, was officially recognized on March 15, 2002 and approved for business by the Internal Revenue Service on July 17, 2002. The company’s name and Mission Statement clearly states its philosophy.....EDUCATION. Our belief is that education is a cornerstone to our livesand that our program(s) will enrich the lives of our students and the people who they meet.

Arizona Outdoor Journal's Commitment

Education Is Our Future dba Arizona Outdoor Journal is also committed to be the best authority in the Arizona outdoor scene. It strives to become the most-read hard-copy publication and electronically visited web site in the state of Arizona while providing the most current and correct information to all who enjoy reading about, participating in and experiencing the Arizona outdoor scene.

Arizona Outdoor Journal collaborates with established government agencies, corporations, businesses, free-lance professionals, colleges, universities and trade schools to successfully implement the mission of Education Is Our Future as well as the goals of those organizations participating.

Editorial Focus

Arizona Outdoor Journal is devoted to enticing Arizonans from the inside out. Editorial emphasizes "Experience It" and challenges neophytes to join the growing number of Arizonans and visitors who truly live and enjoy the Arizona outdoor scene. Whether celebrating Arizona's charm or providing "how-to" information on the entire spectrum of outdoor recreational activities, Arizona Outdoor Journal articles will explore all the state has to offer and how to get involved. Each page encourages outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels to experience the energy of Arizona by increasing interest in favorite outdoor activities or by enjoying new ones. Staff professionals shall ensure the Editorial Focus is maintained while positive mentorship is provided to our participating students.

Editorial: Arizona Outdoor Journal has targeted 75+ recreational topics for its editorial; of which 40+ include both soft and hard adventures—from sight seeing to river rafting. Of these 40+, 15 are primary themes or activities and have the highest interest and participation by recreationists. The remaining activities are considered to be alternative outdoor recreational activities with smaller participation numbers, but nevertheless important in Arizona. Arizona Outdoor Journal selects 75% of its editorial from the top 15 themes.

Format / Layout: This free (and subscription based) publication contains 4-6 recreational themes in each issue. It provides a News Briefs section, an In The Field section for new-product awareness, and a Try Something New section that encourages readers to break out of their normal routine and try a new adventure. And the Just For The Fun Of It section (the classifieds) showcases various Arizona recreational opportunities.

Our Background

Arizona Outdoorsman established an Internet web site in November 1995 to test the market and obtain consumer feedback on the probability of acceptance of a broad-brushed magazine / newspaper relating stories and happenings in the Arizona outdoor scene. The feedback was positive yet reserved because nothing like this had been attempted before and no strong financial backer was on board to assist in the magazine's start-up costs. Nevertheless, the positive feedback of producing this magazine / newspaper with online capabilities, while giving many high school students career-building, real-time experience, was too much to ignore. As such, efforts have continued to solicit corporate sponsorships and advertisers for the publication.

The office was opened at 5400 W. Northern Ave. in Glendale, AZ, in September 1996. At that time, the name of the publication was changed to Arizona Outdoor Journal, recognizing that our publication will feature more than the traditional hunting and fishing associated with the terms "outdoorsman" and "sportsman." We have now identified more than 75 outdoor activities for Arizonans to experience.

Our staff professionals, with direct input from our working students, know that our magazine and Internet web site will be atypical. This will, we believe, make Arizona Outdoor Journal exciting, fun and in-tune with all who enjoy life by exploring the Arizona outdoors.

Education Is Our Future

Arizona Outdoor Journal is proud to promote its parent organization in the State, Education Is Our Future. This 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization has being established to mentor high school and college students by providing real-time working experiences in positions such as journalism, photography, graphics design, business administration, marketing, advertising, accounting, and human resources just to name a few career-building opportunities. Education Is Our Future is not only involved in the publishing business. It also offers assistance to other businesses in the State that wish to start a career-based, school-to-work program for high school and college students. To learn more about this new organization and find out how to get involved give Arizona Outdoor Journal a call @ (623) 435-9669. Ask for Bill.

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