Along with the traditional print advertising, Arizona Outdoor Journal newspaper offers several advertising schemes that bring together tradition and technology, combining print advertising with Internet advertising. Statistics show that in the near future, "free time" will be split 50/50 between watching TV and surfing the Net. Let us show you how this advertising shift and market potential can work for you.

Regardless of which advertising scheme you choose for your company's advertisement, Arizona Outdoor Journal newspaper is committed to making it work for you. We will seek the means to help achieve your goals as we achieve ours. Anyone whose products or services promote the economic growth of Arizona and who desires to help in the professional and social development of America's youth and the spirit of the newspaper is invited to join. When our readers see your ads in our newspaper and on our web site, they will identify you with the ideals associated with good business and humanitarianism. We know that this positive publicity and community recognition will increase your business potential.

Corporate Advertising Program: This is our preferred advertising program. A corporate advertiser receives three, full page print advertisements in our newspaper. They will also receive a highly visible placement on the Internet under our Outdoor Activities' web page for one year. A site that draws hundreds of hits each day. A year on the Internet under an active web site should provide a new marketing strategy for any business's needs.

Print Advertising Rate Card: Traditional means of newspaper advertising are also available in a variety of sizes, spot and four-color or black-and-white. AOJ's initial circulation is 20,000 with an anticipated circulation of more than 40,000 by the first of year 2000. Sign up now and save!

Internet Advertising Program: Increase your company's visibility by linking to a highly visible web site. AOJ's Outdoor Activities' web page will be the hottest recreational web site in Arizona. Thousands of hits each month - increasing your business' visibility - for only a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

City / Town Information Program: All cities and towns are eligible for placement on our City / Town Information web pages. These pages will include city information, a comprehensive calendar of events for each city or town, a city map, weather information and a hot-link to the city's web site. Cities and towns contact us to discuss how this program may meet each city's goals.

Yearly Online Yellow Pages Program: All business subscribers (a $55 value) will automatically be listed on our online Yellow Pages; a categorical listing of businesses which provide equipment or services for one or more of our 40 + outdoor activities. Each listing includes a business name, phone number, a brief description of your business and a link to your web site. Please contact us at (623) 435-9669 to discuss how this cost-effective program may meet your marketing goals.

Immediate space is available for all levels of Internet advertising. Join us now, and you will maintain your position through the first quarter of 2000, that's thousands of potential customers.

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In addition to the traditional rewards of newspaper advertising, when your business advertises with Arizona Outdoor Journal, a percentage of your advertising dollars will perpetuate a scholarship fund available to our students who continue their education after high school. Your participation in this fund (Education Is Our Future) will encourage responsibility, teamwork and dedication among our students throughout the entire state.

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