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Arizona Outdoor Journal newspaper strives to be more than a quality publication and successful business in the state of arizona. We strive to be a quality neighbor and promoter of positive growth and change. As our goals proclaim, we are committed to making our state a better place to live, work, learn and play. This is done through collaborations with members of government, education and business to fulfill Arizona Outdoor Journal's mission and the missions of our partners.

You can join us in this collaboration as an Internet Advertiser. As an AOJ Internet Advertiser you'll see your company's advertisement on the hottest recreational website in Arizona. A website which is highly visible and highly visited. This should allow your company to reach a previously untapped market of motivated, outdoor recreationalists who are also electronically-educated web surfers. Arizona Outdoor Journal's statewide publication is targeting; 1) the 3M+ adult residents (over the age of 24) who live in Arizona, 2) the 11.5M people that visit them, 3) the 13.5M people who visit Arizona as a tourist or convention-goer, and 4) the tens-of-millions of web surfers.

Once the word gets out about our current and credible wealth of information on What-To-Do and Where-To-Go in Arizona, we anticipate thousands will visit our site—and your advertisement. All of the below advertising programs allow your business to be accessible and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
To advertise on the Internet with Arizona Outdoor Journal select one, or a combination of, the following programs:

Yellow Pages Advertising — $55: List your business for one FULL year on the AOJ Yellow Pages. This listing entitles businesses to a 35-40 word description of their business under one of our Yellow Pages’ categories. This $55 also includes a hot link to their own web site—a quick way to expand a company’s visibility. And to expand a company’s visibility even further additional listings may be added to the AOJ Yellow Pages—in various categories— for $15 each—up to a maximum of four.

Activity Sponsor Advertising — $225/ 4-month period or 20,000 page views: This program allows recreational businesses to sponsor an AOJ Activities Calendar for their sport or activity (e.g. biking, fishing, boating, photography) during a specific part of the calendar year - or the whole year if their budget allows.  This sponsorship provides direct business recognition and includes two hot links—one from the Main Activities web page and one from the Specific Activity web page where the ‘Calendar-of-Events’ is posted. Along with this, businesses also get a free, one-year listing of their business in the AOJ Yellow Pages - a $55 value.

Banner Advertising — $275/ 4-month period or 20,000 page views. This program provides a Banner  to be displayed on the AOJ Main Activity web page identifying a company’s logo or ad. From this banner, a hot link will be created to the company's own web site—bringing people directly to them. There are ONLY 28 banner ads which can be displayed on the AOJ Activity Page—a number small enough to ensure heightened visibility. Along with this, businesses also get a free, one-year listing of their business in the AOJ Yellow Pages - a $55 value.

****** Important Note ******

Businesses………If you haven’t established a web presence yet, don’t worry—we’ll help you get started. For  $100-$200 we’ll develop a page(s) for you and SHOWCASE it under our domain name [ business name)] for $100/year—that’s less than $10/month. This new marketing strategy should easily take your business to a new level. Along with this web-page program AOJ will also accept e-mail for you if your company doesn’t already have its own e-mail account! As you can tell we’re in the recreational business and we’re trying to be the best—and for us to be successful we need you to be successful—and we’re committed to both. To get started just give us a call at (800) 701-8477 or e-mail us at

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If your company's marketing strategies will be better reached using another approach, please ask us about our other advertising opportunities that may be available to you.
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